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Nobody loves me, it's true...

Not like you do.

Alternate level of existance
12 October 1977
I guess you could call me a granola-goth. My husband does. It means that I like goth and industrial music, black clothes, black makeup, (black everything really)night-time, and sleeping all day like a bat. But... I also love camping, my art, trees, old rock, and hippie-people. I am a devout ecclectic pagan, and very spiritual.
I have a 6 year old son-Bear, and he is just incredible. The things he does just kill me. I am married to a wonderful stay at home father-Robert, and he and Bear are my world. The two of them definately keep me hopping, but it is totally worth it. We are currently trying for our second child, and hopefully that will be it. Our family is huge already, not just with actual blood relations, but I consider all of my close friends family too.
Part of the reason that I am keeping an LJ is so that I can keep up with my current friends, but the other reason is that I am VERY interested in making new friends. Close, cool, non-judgemental friends. I don't live my life by the norm, and I don't expect others to either. If that's your bag, great. But for me, I just like to slide along and take things as I go. Seems easier. I wish for a world where no one looks down on anyone else, but since that is never going to happen I will just expect it in my close social circle. I am one of those people that gives my heart easily. Untill you give me reason to feel otherwise I will love you and treat you like a sibling, fight to the death for you if I have to. Fuck that up, and it's very hard to regain my trust. But if you are one of those people who is actually as good as you sound, I'd love to befriend to you.